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History of Hafizabad

Municipal Committee Hafizabad

Hafizabad is a very old city. In ancient times, when in 327 B.C Sikandar-e-Azam attacked Hindustan, this territory "Sandal Bar" , (where is now the current Hafizabad is located ) was a populated area . Big cities were located in this territory and a lot of sub states were organized in the presidency of Maharajaz and Rajaz. In Sixth century, the famous Chinese tourist Hewang Sayan when came here, this area was not developed. Then the tourist moved to Sangla , he stayed in Jai Pura, located near village Koriala, but afterwards this territory became unpopulated and jungle-like area because of shortage of water and Afghan attackers. The situation remained the same till King Akbar's Period. King Akbar once came here for hunting. King lost his companions as he went far away while hunting. The King felt thirst and wanted to drink some water. Suddenly he saw the signs of smoke; he followed the way and found a Sarmast in a cottage. King asked to arrange some water, there was no water, but Sarmast called up the grazing deer and milked to serve the King. King drank the milk and thanked Sarmast and asked if he had any wish or desire. Faqir Sarmast asked to build a town for his followers. King promised and ordered his advisor Hafiz Meerak to construct and build a city. Hafiz Meerak built a town and the town was named after his name Hafizabad . Another authentic reference says that King Akbar wanted to name this town as Akbarabad. Tribes & Castes Many thousand years old caste system is still dominating the social set up of the district. People of Hinjra and Aheer Caste were settled in District Hafizabad. However, Saansi, Gigray, Jogi, Rawal, Deendar, Malah, Bhirwaly, Faqeer, Bhandha and Pakhiwas are also living here. The major castes before partition were Bhatti, Kharal and Tarar.

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